A WOMAN working in a pub threw a brick through her boss's car window — following a row after she was told to stop drinking.

Sabrina Mary Strickland, 33, of Highfield Road, Newport, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage when she appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

The court heard she had been drinking at the Waverley pub in Carisbrooke on September 11, after her shift behind the bar finished at around 3pm.

Ann Smout, prosecuting, said: "She stayed drinking in the pub for more than an hour and became quite drunk.

"When she was refused service, she went behind the bar and served herself.

"As she left, she was confronted by her boss. As the argument escalated, other members of staff at the pub saw her pick up a brick and throw it through the window of her employer's car."

The police were called and Strickland was detained.

She was put in a cell at Newport police station, where she pulled the stuffing out of a mattress.

Mrs Smout said: "At the time, she was given a conditional caution — on the condition she paid compensation and attended the drug and alcohol service. She has yet to do either and so appears in court today."

Keith Verrinder, defending, said: "She is a lady with a number of issues. Anger management is perhaps more of a problem than anything else.

"When she was taken to the police station, the process of sobering up continued. She had asked for water but, when the police didn't bring her any, she became even more agitated."

Strickland was ordered to pay compensation of £239 and a fine of £40.

She was also ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a surcharge of £32.

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