AN Isle of Wight goat could become a viral sensation as she prepares to give birth live on webcam later today (Wednesday).

West Wight Alpacas and Llamas has announced that the second of its two pygmy goats, named Gladys, is due to give birth at any time.

Gladys' pen-mate, Tiffany, gave birth to two baby kids dubbed Cookie and Pickles, as viewers looked on through farm's online webcam.

West Wight Alpacas and Llamas wrote on Facebook: " If you missed the action over the weekend, Gladys is feeling very uncomfortable and we are expecting her kids today, log in and watch.

"If you have visitors, family or even fancy a day out yourself then add us to your diary and I guarantee you some 'ooh how sweet' moments."

You could watch Gladys the goat give birth by watching the farm's live webcam here.

Update 5pm: the goats are giving birth! Tune in to find out more.