FLOOD alerts have been issued for the Isle of Wight today (Sunday).

The Environment Agency has issued an alert for the coast — warning people in Sandown, Shanklin and Gurnard to prepare for flooding.

It said: "Flooding is possible, be prepared.

"The Eastern Yar is high and rising. In the last 24 hours, 25mm has been recorded at Knighton.

"There will be extensive out of bank flooding affecting land, gardens, cycle tracks and roads including Golf Links Road and Moreton Common Road, Sandown. It is unlikely to peak until 1am.

"Water levels in the Gurnard Luck are high and rising. In the last 24hours, 30mm of rain has been recorded at Cowes. Properties sited next to the river in Marsh Road may experience garden flooding.

"From 6pm onwards, the river should begin to drain with the tide and no further impacts are expected.

"Water levels in the Lymington River remain very high but they are now falling. In the last 24 hours more than 45mm of rain has fallen in Lyndhurst, which is more than half a month’s rainfall.

"Currently there is extensive out of bank flooding affecting land, fields and roads through Brockenhurst.

"The river will be very high as it flows through Martin’s Road and Balmer Lawn Road, where garden flooding is expected."

A further update is scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon.