A MAN who yelled abuse at a nurse when he went to visit his friend at a mental health facility in Newport has appeared in court.

Christopher Derek Allen, 47, appeared in the dock at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday, where admitted using threatening words and behaviour and being drunk and disorderly.

The court heard how, on August 10, Allen went to visit a friend of his at a mental health facility but overstayed his welcome.

Prosecutor, Vivian Ducie, said: "When he was told he had to leave, he refused, and, when the nurse urged him to leave, he became incredibly abusive towards her.

"He refused to leave the premises at first, but, as I understand, he left but then returned and continued to be abusive."

Allen's defence, Barry Arnett, said: "Mr Allen is a man who has had to go through a lot.

"He is of no fixed address at the moment. Last year he lost his mother and he had been living in her old house but unfortunately has been forced to live in his car on the driveway of that property due to problems with the inheritance.

"He went to the hospital that day just to visit someone. Unfortunately he cannot remember anything that happened."

The magistrates ordered Allen to pay compensation of £100 to the nurse.

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