A FOLK singer who feared he would lose his voice forever after being diagnosed with cancer of the larynx has released a new CD.

Brian Reeves, described by Vectis Radio host John Hacker as the godfather of Island folk, has compiled some old favourites and added some new tracks — complete with his huskier new tones.

Brian has spent 50 years Morris dancing and has been singing for nearly five decades too. His love of traditional songs put him at the centre of the Island's folk scene and he also became known as a barn dance caller, but he feared the worst when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

Due to early detection, he was assured he would sing again, but it was only after laser treatment and speech therapy he regained his voice, albeit a slightly altered one.

He paid tribute to the ENT team at St Mary's Hospital and the Adult Speech and Language Unit for helping him keep his voice, and he has released a CD of songs to raise money for the IW ENT Cancer Support Group as a thank you.

He appeared on Vectis Radio with John, who said: "His voice may now lack the full timbre he once had but his interpretation of our traditional folk songs remains faultless and thankfully still in tune!"

Brian, 78, of Station Road, Wootton, said: "I have been very lucky — luckier than most. Singing and dancing is good for the soul so I am grateful to still be able to."

Brian's CD, Ever In Tune, is available from Briddlesford Farm Shop and Brannon Tea Rooms in Wootton.

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