A TEENAGER has appeared in court for being drunk and disorderly at a Wellow house party.

Reece Judge, 18, of Collards Close, Freshwater, told a policeman he was going to find out where he lived and have sex with his wife, Island magistrates heard.

On Tuesday he admitted being drunk and disorderly.

Prosecutor Ann Smout said: "At around 11.20pm on September 13, police were called to a public order incident originating from a house party in Wellow that saw approximately 100 people show up.

"Police first came across Mr Judge when he was standing in the road blocking emergency vehicles from getting to the address.

"Later on, he was on a bus leaving the party when he began to make a scene, prompting the bus driver to press his panic alarm.

"When police spoke to Mr Judge he became abusive, telling one officer he was going to find out where he lived and have sex with his wife."

Barry Arnett, for Judge, said: "This is not his proudest moment. He accepts fully his culpability in this matter and it seems as though things are starting to look up for him.

"Later this month he will be starting a new job and is staying out of trouble."

The court heard he has another conviction for drunk and disorderly behaviour, from October 2019, after the house party event.

Magistrates fined him £80 and ordered him to pay court costs of £85 and a surcharge of £32.

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