A MAN who was arrested when police raided the wrong address has appeared before Island magistrates charged with possession of cannabis.

Frederick Medway, 28, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday where he pleaded guilty to one count of possession of cannabis.

The court heard how Medway was awoken on the morning of November 27 to what he thought was someone trying to break into the back door of his St John's Road, Ryde, address.

Medway's defence, Barry Arnett, said: "Police were supposed to raid an address in a neighbouring property, not Mr Medway's.

"Once he was downstairs he realised that it was the police who were attempting to force his back door open, and so he spoke to them.

"Once the police had realised they had got the wrong address, they told Mr Medway they were going to do a search anyway as they could smell cannabis.

"The police originally looking to execute raids on a group of people who are well-known to them in terms of class A and B drugs, but there is absolutely nothing to imply any of that had anything to do with Mr Medway." Magistrates gave Medway a 12-month conditional discharge.

He was ordered to pay court costs of £85, and a surcharge of £32.

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