IMPRESSIONIST, satirist and improvisational artist, Jon Culshaw, will be bringing his latest tour to the Isle of Wight — and the audience can suggest what gets mocked.

Jon Culshaw's The Great British Take-off will be coming to Medina Theatre on Friday, March 6.

Culshaw's comedic impersonation of public and political figures made him a household name off the back of shows like Dead Ringers and 2DTV.

Speaking to the County Press, he said: "I never know what the audience is going to suggest when I start a show. This way no two shows will ever be the same, they are all unique.

"I think the fact the show is entirely improvisational helps to make it reflect the constantly changing news of today. In that way it keeps the comedy a lot more free to go places.

"Not having it nailed down means I can address what the audience wants to see, and I can do different characters every time.

"Impersonations are really playing the real life characters who you are inspired by, who are always far more fun to play.

"I'll be letting people decide who they want to see. Donald and Boris are usually always the first that come up, but I never know where an audience's sense of humour is going to end up.

"When we were planning the tour I specifically asked for Medina as I've never been to the Island before.

"Quite frankly I think I've left it a bit long to have any excuses left.

"The Island always seemed vibrant, so I just want to go there and take a dip, and just drink the place up.

"I'm hoping this will be the start of many visits to the Isle of Wight."