A LIFE coach, who says self-care saved her after losing her mum from a stress-related illness, is curating a wellness festival to encourage people to take time out for themselves.

Leading life design and empowerment coach, Kate Taylor, aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of self-care at The Awakening, a festival dedicated to wellbeing.

Guests at The Awakening — held on the Island, where Kate grew up ­— will have access to more than 50 ways of exploring their own version of self-care and wellbeing.

She said: “The idea came to me in the shower. It’s where I have my best ideas.

"Having lost my wonderful mum to a stress-related illness I’m deeply aware of how agonising long-term stress can be on the body, mind and soul.

“With anxiety and depression at an all-time high and burnout now recognised by the World Health Organisation as an illness, there is no denying we are in the midst of a dangerous epidemic. We are losing ourselves in all the noise.

"The aim of The Awakening is to take time to reconnect with ourselves again.”

The event, set for its second year, takes place over a summer weekend, nestled in the grounds of the beautifully-restored Weston Manor House, near Freshwater.

It will offer a range of workshops by experts including Pandora Paloma, Jessica Huie and Nicky Clinch.

There will be self-care sessions, inspirational talks, zen sound baths and meditation sessions, alongside a blissful blend of yoga and dance classes.

Sarah Powell, host of the Jules and Sarah podcast, who has spoken openly about her own relationship with anxiety, lead a workshop at The Awakening last year. She said: “The Awakening was absolute heaven.

"It’s a beautifully happy and safe space with like-minded people. The whole day offered so many different things, from true experts and professionals in their field to dancing and storytelling. It was a truly magical space to be and I met people and had experiences which I

will cherish always.”

The Awakening takes place at Weston Manor House in Totland on Saturday, June 6, and Sunday, June 7.