THE Elmwood School of Dance students were in peak form when they performed two sell-out shows at the Apollo Theatre in Newport.

Founded in 1972, and the longest running dance school on the Island, the shows were the first with Laura Stone fully at the helm.

Laura's mother, Shirley Stone, ran the school for more than 40 years before she developed dementia and was forced to retire.

Positive reviews have been flooding in from parents and pupils alike, hailing the professionalism, choreography and talent on display.

"It was great to finally see all our hard work come together on stage," said school principal, Laura Stone.

"Our pupils have certainly done us proud."

Entitled The Next Chapter, the group created a video as a preface to the show, covering the school's 48-year history.

The first act comprised an adaptation of The Tales of Beatrix Potter ­— a ballet Laura performed in as a child, and one she was eager to reproduce, both in homage to her mother and as a nod to her fond memories of the production.

The second act took the form of a varied platter of song and dance, with highlights including a rousing barn dance, a powerful ballad, and a duet of Shallow, from A Star is Born.

As per tradition, Claire Hayward memorial cups were awarded to select pupils, highlighting their hard work and achievements throughout the year.

Daisy Staniforth, Tess Gavin, Lola Stroud and Hannah Pocock took home the junior cup, while Millie Lavell and Caitlin Adams won the senior.

The Doug Hayles Founder cup, awarded to the most outstanding student, was won by Piers Ramsdale-Capper.

"Being a part of The Next Chapter was truly special," said Piers.

"I'm so thankful for the opportunity to showcase everything I've been taught ­— especially after all the hard work everyone had put in."