SANDOWN is the second luckiest place to be in the UK, according to new research into how often people win on betting across the UK.

Research, conducted by Paddypower, found that Sandown is the second most frequent location for winners on their bets.

The research, which looked at the main jackpot wins on games played on the Paddy Power Games website, found that a higher proportion of players from St Andrews claimed the big prize than any other place in Britain, but Sandown came in at a close second.

As many as 2.54 per cent of people in Sandown won a Paddy Power jackpot according to the firm's statistics.

The statistics also found the unluckiest towns in Britain to be Rochdale and Worcester.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said: "“Though everyone has an equal chance of striking lucky, the people of Rochdale might fancy a move north of the border to find some better luck in Scotland.

“St Andrews may have a great university and a nice coastline, but we all know that being named the luckiest location in the UK is what it’s really all about.”