BRIGHSTONE’S Ellie Swan, who was in China when the coronavirus pandemic began, says she is now able to get out and about in Hangzhou.

The teacher moved from the Isle of Wight to China in November.

Three months after jetting out to the city near Shanghai, she found herself back on a plane to the UK, in line with government advice, as the Isle of Wight County Press previously reported.

Coronavirus: Brighstone woman tells of subsiding fears and schools reopening in China's Hangzhou

Now, Ellie is not only back in China but is preparing to return to work.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Out and about in Hangzhou Image: Ellie Swan

Her school is due to reopen next week, running on skeleton-staff, although its pupils are not expected to be back for another month.

Most of the city is open for business as usual, says Ellie, however temperature checks are still being carried out at public places and residents must show health codes - coloured individual QR codes that tell officials whether they have had COVID-19, or come from an area where a new case has been detected.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Out and about in Hangzhou Image: Ellie Swan

Ellie says the safety-first approach has helped her feel more secure and told the Isle of Wight County Press: “It’s been very stormy here, but it’s nice to get out and see my work friends. Even rain feels good after being cooped up for so long.

“In China, we say ‘jiayou’, which means add oil, keep going. So jiayou Isle of Wight!”

Ellie is due to stay in China until February.