YOUNG Islanders aged eleven to 17 can now access a free app aimed at providing support and maintaining positive mental health.

Think Ninja — the brainchild of Southampton based Healios, an online provider of mental health and neuro-developmental services — seeks to aid young people's emotional wellbeing, something increasingly pertinent during this time of uncertainty.

The app utilises a Skill Zone, which includes breathing and distraction exercises, to help people keep calm in times when stress levels peak.

At its root, it does this by addressing unhelpful thoughts — be they related to coronavirus or not — in the Skills and My Challenges sections, maintaining an interactive element by boosting users' moods with various additions as they progress.

Think Ninja can be downloaded for free from the App Store and is available on Android and Apple IOS smartphones and tablets, although it is not available for PC at this stage.

Think Ninja offers support only, and should therefore not be used as a replacement for mental health input from NHS CAMHS or counselling services.

The app is free and accessible for all young Islanders.

To find out more, email or call the Isle of Wight Youth Trust on 529569.