NEARLY 50 students at Ryde Academy — the children of key workers — have been getting on with their schoolwork amid the the coronavirus pandemic.

The school is not only providing lessons and activities to kids still attending, but has also been preparing distance learning plans for students self isolating.

Natascha Nelson, of Ryde Academy, said: "In addition to learning resources they have been working hard to help those students who are eligible for Free School Meals.

"Lunches are available for collection to students on Free School meals from Aspire’s High Street hub between 12pm and 2pm every day.

"For students who are unable to collect, staff have volunteered to drop them outside their house.

"The Academy is looking at plans for an Easter Holiday Club for a limited number of students so that again key workers can continue working and will remain open at weekends for those families where childcare is vital.

"Many students will be feeling the impact of the school closure. Some will be more seriously in crisis and needing our help to ensure that they are supported while they are out of school."

A just giving page has been set up by the school to help raise money to support students and their families through the outbreak.

The page can be found here.