BRADING Cricket Club has become the latest target of an attempted break in, after the double doors of its club house were damaged overnight.

"On Saturday (April 4), I went to check on the club at Rowborough Lane, Brading, and it was clear someone had tried to break in," said trustee, Ian Hailes.

"The double doors have been damaged, the handles have been broken off, and an attempt was made to take off the hinges.

"Fortunately, they were unable to gain entry to the premises, but we will have to replace or try to repair the doors, which is a cost to the club at a time when we are not able to make any money.

"Of course, there is nothing of value in the club, due to the shut down of all recreational sport."

UPDATE, April 6: 

The door to the cricket club has been repaired by Ian Hailes and another club member.