SPECIALIST temperature-controlled units have been delivered to the Isle of Wight Crematorium as a 'precaution', according to Hampshire County Council's director of Public Health.

Simon Bryant has told the Isle of Wight County Press that the delivery of the Arctic Store units to the Whippingham site, alongside a number of other Island locations, is a crucial part of being prepared for a potential worst-case during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Bryant said the units had not yet been used as extra mortuary space and if they were, workers would ensure 'dignity and respect'. 

Simon Bryant, said: "Local partner organisations across the wider Hampshire and Isle of Wight are working closely together to ensure arrangements are in place to support communities during this difficult time.

"Integral to our planning is the need to ensure our area is ready should things escalate to the point at which we may need additional mortuary space. With this in mind, an area within the grounds of the crematorium is designated to provide that extra capacity.

"I understand that people will be concerned about this development, but while this is a precautionary step at this stage, it is important we are well prepared, and able to act quickly, should we need to.

"I would also like to assure the public, that any such move, would involve every effort to ensure the deceased are afforded the dignity and respect that families and loved ones would expect."