PRE-PACKAGED food parcels, handed out by fewer volunteers: The new way of working for the Isle of Wight Foodbank, as coronavirus continues to impact the lives of people on the Isle of Wight.

A cafe service, which had allowed Islanders worried about their circumstances to chat to others and experts, is no longer running, due to the social distancing requirements.

Donations have 'reduced greatly', according to the Foodbank team. Supermarkets are limiting purchases and Islanders are not going to the shops as often.

However, financial donations have risen.

What's needed this week?

Isle of Wight County Press:

Manager Hannah King said: "We have seen monetary donations rise, as people feel this is a safer way to donate in this current climate. We are very thankful for all donations given."

The Foodbank has partnered with an online project called Bankuet.

It allows Islanders to buy a monthly subscription, or buy one-off bundles, based on what is required each week.

Meanwhile, Morrison’s has committed to £10 million of goods to foodbanks, including the Isle of Wight's.