A BEACH clean will take place this morning (Tuesday) to tidy needles, drink cans and other unwanted items from Sandown's seafront - following reports of anti-social behaviour.

Ward councillor for Lake South, Cllr Paul Brading, told Facebook’s Sandown Hub that he had arranged for the section of beach (from Eastern Gardens to the slipway opposite the Bandstand) to be cleaned by the Isle of Wight Council — not by members of the public.

Cllr Brading said: "They will actually do wider than that area to ensure nothing is missed. They will be looking for needles, drink cans etc."

Another beach clean-up will also take place on Thursday morning.

Over the weekend (April 4 and 5), there were several incidents in the town with residents noticing public drinking, fighting, swearing and no social distancing. Needles were also found on the beach.

In an effort to stop the anti-social behaviour, Isle of Wight police officers, temporarily authorised a dispersal power on the seafront. It allows them to move people along if they are contributing, or are likely to contribute to, crime and disorder. It ended at 7pm on Sunday (April 5).

Cllr Brading also said on the Hub's Facebook page: "There have been many issues over the last few days, and the police have been more visible — they now need to be more proactive.

"I am most concerned about the levels of drinking, and drugs with needles scattered around, especially on the beach.

Hotels and venues in that area of Sandown are being run by the council to accommodate homeless people during the coronavirus pandemic, in line with government guidelines.

Cllr Brading said: "One thing I want to say is that many of the homeless are grateful for the help, and are abiding by the rules, but the more troublesome are clearly not, and these must be moved urgently to protect the people of Sandown.

"This cannot continue, even though things have started to get better.

"There are plans to permanently address this urgently, by Wednesday is what I have been assured."