THERE are so many unsung heroes around at the moment, helping the rest of us get by.

Philip Dow, of Nisa Local in Gurnard is one of the greatest. He is always ‘on duty’, cheery and will help anyone. If he hasn’t got something in the shop that you desperately need he gets it for you.

Since we had lockdown he has lost two members of staff, one marooned on New Zealand with no hope of getting back, and another over 70, who is in self isolation. Philip now has all the responsibility.

He lost his mum only a short while ago and she did all the finances. When she died he closed for two hours. ‘Sorry for inconvenience’ said the hand written note on the door.

I have asked him “Why don’t you close Philip? You are worn out.” He answered with “I can’t let my customers down”

He gave in a bit, and now closes at 7pm instead of 8pm but he stays on and sorts the stock and the shelves. He is the focal point of the village. You can rely on Philip.

We are concerned the internet and the big supermarkets will kill the little ‘open all hours’ shops off.

A shop where can you get superb service, caring, consideration; someone who knows you by name; someone who cares how you are that day, and a few words of village chat as well.

The village shop whose staff are dedicated to their customers.

Philips grandparents were and his mum Kath and dad Mike, and now Philip is ‘in charge’.

We must cherish Philip and his sister Catherineand give them all our support.

Here’s to you Philip and all of us who care about you, who are so grateful to you. Look after yourself, we need you ….and not the shop... you!