AS A radiographer on the front line at St Mary’s, I am very grateful for all the support being shown to the NHS at this time — it can be very scary going in to work at the moment and the public’s support is very much appreciated.

However, I would like to make some thanks of my own :

Thank you to all the wonderful care workers who are looking after our vulnerable residents, especially those who look after my Mum allowing me to stay at work.

Thank you to all the postmen/ladies and delivery workers who continue to bring us contact with our more familiar other world and allow us to do some on-line therapeutic shopping!

Thank you to all the transport workers who continue to bring supplies, both medical and others

Thank you to the media people (TV, radio, and newspaper) who keep us in touch and entertain us

Thank you to the plumbers and electricians who still visit our homes in an emergency

Thank you to the teachers looking after keyworker children allowing their parents to continue to work

Thank you to the people that do self-isolate when their instinct and desire is to help their colleagues

Thank you to the other emergency services who are ready to assist the NHS

Most of all THANK YOU to all the food store workers, especially those on the tills, who keep us supplied with those so necessary goods, often with no protection between them and us

Final thanks to any group I may have overlooked, I am sure there are many and my apologies for not mentioning you by name – we are all heroes in our own way