HOW disgusting and insensitive of our IW Council (CP, 03-04-20) in warning residents that their council tax must be paid especially when we are facing a global coronavirus pandemic.

What they should have done was make residents aware of the government’s £500 million hardship fund to reduce council tax.

Talk about kicking you in the teeth when you’re down. Apart from an unsustainable council tax rise for a lot of people of 4.2 per cent (a total of 14.9 per cent since 2018) and the impact of reduced incomes, most people are finding it tough to live day to day.

Instead of idle threats and creating unwanted stress, the council’s prime focus should be safeguarding and protecting residents, which is currently not happening.

Cllr Stewart and MP Bob Seely urge Islanders to observe government guidelines in social distancing to keep us safe, yet there are still mindless idiots ignoring this, which is made worse by second home owners and visitors still escaping to the Island.

So why is this not being enforced especially as it’s now an instruction from Government backed up by law. We the taxpayer were forced to pay more for policing, so where are they..there is no real presence.

Who’s monitoring the ferry companies regarding non-residents still coming to the Island, the same goes for employers forcing their employees to work?

With reference to the £62 million “Corona aid available” to the council to support business, I note there is no mention of financial support to the desperately underfunded social care system, which is at risk of collapse putting more strain onto hospitals.

Above all else central and local government’s priority is the safety and well being of the population.

The number of coronavirus cases on the Island is increasing, so we need to instruct our council to take the necessary actions.