Malcolm Mime's forensic examination of MP Bob Seely's attendance at an Island barbecue (CP, 12-06-20) raises a number of points with regard to Mr Seely and Dominic Cummings, both having ignored government instructions for different reasons.

While I have no particular empathy for Mr Cummings, my initial disapproval was completely demolished upon learning he was taking his young autistic son to a familiar and loving environment with his grandparents, who could provide the temporary care required during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Read Malcolm Mime's column here

I believe any anxious parents would have no hesitation in putting their child's interests first, given their specific circumstances and suggest your columnist could have displayed a degree of sympathy and understanding. (I note he makes no reference to the Black Lives Matter campaign, where the participants ignored the two-metre ruling).

The numbers involved in these demonstrations, however worthy, had the potential to cause more widespread infection than three people travelling in a car.

With regard to MP Bob Seely, your columnist undermines his views owing to the derogatory comments made in his penultimate paragraph "..... a privileged white man who doesn't actually achieve ...." Would he have made this statement were he referring to a "person of colour", I wonder?

Perhaps he will elucidate further since he demands the same requirement from Mr Seely? Furthermore, his condescending remarks relating to the Island railway illustrate a blatant disregard for those of us who wish to secure an improved rail service, benefitting both visitors and the community.

Is Mr Mime implying the County Press should only print items in which he is personally interested? Hopefully not, since this would create an extremely limited and unbalanced viewpoint?

I suggest Mr Mime reflects upon the definition of his name: MIME - "To use movements and gestures to tell a story without speech."

A period of silence from his insulting rants would certainly be a welcome relief, during which time he may hopefully decide to be more objective in any future columns.