The letter headed ‘Insulting rants from Mr Mime’, (CP letters 19-06-20) from an anonymous correspondent, seems, sadly, to sum up current UK and IW political point scoring rather than progressive constructive open and factually based issues. 

It is somewhat ironic somebody with such strong moral values a) withholds their name and b) uses unproven information to defend two people who appear to have low moral values themselves, ie Bob Seely MP and Dominic Cummings. 

I think anyone with any moral value whatsoever agrees both individuals clearly broke lockdown rules and don’t give a hoot what the population think.

We can only show them our distaste at the next election hoping the country doesn’t have as short a memory as our MPs seem to have.

Of course none of the above surprises me, or, no doubt, most of the population.

What does really stick in my throat however is the use of a claim Mr Cummings’ son is autistic, to justify his actions in County Durham.

I have two sons on the autistic spectrum and feel I therefore have some right therefore to challenge anyone who may be seen to use a “sympathy vote” for political gain. 

Surely if this were the truth Mr Cummings himself would not have missed an opportunity to slither out of his tricky situation?

I therefore challenge this fake news, once again spread like a Covid virus on social media without any regard for the autistic community finding lockdown somewhat challenging but of course obeying the rules 100 per cent for their own health and wellbeing.

Should the unnamed individual or the County Press itself come forward with actual proof of this fact as printed then I, for one, would, in this instance, actually agree with Mr Cummings’ actions...apart, of course, from testing his eyes on a 60-mile drive.

And with regards to comments on the expansion of an already failed and currently financially unviable railway service on the Island (as claimed by Island Line), perhaps the unnamed source would like to elaborate on why £500k on a feasibility study for this railway expansion would be more valuable than £140k for a fixed link feasibility study? or is it only his personal agenda that matters? 

Surely any fair-minded individual would  support both infrastructure projects if they were independently assessed and confirmed by an independent feasibility study to obviously enhance the Island economy, as I’m sure would any MP with genuine local interest and economic future prosperity at the heart of their principles. 

These are exactly the kind of infrastructure projects our country will surely look to in an uncertain future, to stimulate the economy and ensure jobs for our UK workforce. 

Editor’s footnote: Apologies to the correspondent for not checking about Mr Cummings’ son.