THREE cheers for Jo Minchin’s letter (CP, 19-06-20), highlighting the dangers we all face from a no-deal Brexit.

Why, I wonder, does Bob Seely feel it’s so important to toe the government’s line, as recently spelled out by minister Michael Gove, that the UK will under no circumstances seek an extension of time for negotiating a free trade agreement with Europe.

We know where Mr Seely stands on Brexit but this isn’t about Brexit and it isn’t about who voted leave or remain. It is about doing what is in the national interest.

Our MP has shown himself willing to voice his concerns about national security and the government’s position on Huawei’s role in the 5G roll-out.

Please, Bob, stand up now and once again show that your principal concern is the national interest.

Urge the government to do whatever is necessary to avoid a no-deal Brexit.