AS WE now know that the decision on Seaclose Park will now not be taken until early September, it gives us time to get answers to a few questions.

I believe the consultants are a firm called Capita, but what I should like to know is who are the faces behind the scheme.

Are they based in Dubai, the Seychelles or are they made up of a couple of local individuals seeking their fortune.

Companies House should be able to give us the answer.

Chris Ashman, director of regeneration, appears to put a lot of emphasis on getting planning permission for these houses, so are we to believe the entire harbour regeneration scheme is dependant on the money the building of the houses will raise?

If so I sincerely hope he gets disappointed. Maybe he could answer that question?

Also, can we ascertain the current estimate of what these consultants are going to charge the council. The council must know...although, as we all know, targets always go into overspend.

It is good to see Bob Seely, our local MP, has come out against this proposal. Let us hope he can use his influence to persuade his Conservative friends on the council cabinet to do likewise.

This item was only referred to the cabinet by a vote of three-two, the three being all Conservatives who live in South Wight.

Could I suggest in the weeks prior to them having to make their decision they spend a Saturday morning in St James’s Square consulting the residents of Newport as to their opinion.

I am sorry my letter is a little political but it is a fact that our council is Conservative controlled and I would hope that a decision on this subject should rise above instructions sent down from central government, telling the council that they have to build x number of houses per year.

So, to those Cabinet members I say get off your backsides and seek the opinion of the electorate. Or will they find it so much easier to simply keep quiet and raise their hands in the council chamber?

Once they have done that why not get across to Ryde and ask the locals there what they think of the other controversial scheme to build 470 houses there.