Without doubt Wightlink have shown total disregard for the disabled (which I am).

I am aware of them selling the pier car park to Apcoa. Not only has its charges risen by 30 per cent for entering the pier but it also keeps ridiculous parking time restrictions — either pay for two hours or eight hours...bizarre.

That said, the crew are always fantastic to disabled passengers. Staff on Red Funnel are also very helpful as are the Hovercraft crew.

My biggest complaint is the cost of crossing for tourists and islanders. All the operators boast as to how many passengers they carry every year.

Putting it simply, when a bridge or tunnel is proposed we receive the same two or three rubbish responses ie the Island roads could not cope, the Islanders don’t want either as tourism would ruin the island and we need to undertake a study.

Absolute rubbish for all three justifications.

If a bridge cost £60m it would be recouped within five years.

It could be paid for and owned and run by a consortium made up of Red Funnel, Wightlink, Hovertravel and IW residents.

Is their any one out there with enough determination and drive to see this through?