THE CIRCUS will not be coming to the Isle of Wight this year after performers announced they are bound by Covid-19 restrictions.

Jay Miller's Circus has announced it will be postponing its tour of the UK including dates set on the Island this summer.

A spokesperson for the circus said: "It has been a long time without being under that Big Top and we have missed entertaining you all so much.

"Although we are now able to open within the current Government guidelines and restrictions, we have decided that, with a heavy heart, we will be postponing our touring events for this summer.

"With these changes understandably comes many new rules and regulations, of which we are now working through and with the uncertainty of any possible sudden closure again, financially would be unthinkable.

"With this being a worldwide pandemic our international cast and crew we had booked for our 2020 season, are unable to leave their countries due to travel visa restrictions.

"We are, however, currently looking at other ways of presenting our world of circus entertainment to you, keeping the magic alive but at the same time ensuring you feel confident and secure when visiting with all Covid guidelines strictly adhered to.

"After all you, our audience, along with our cast and crew, are our main priority."