DO YOU need to find your groove?

Isle of Wight author Joanna Hunt, who describes herself as a conscious family coach, can help.

She is launching her new book, Find Your Mama Groove, today.

She said: "Being a mom can be hard work. It’s easy to run yourself ragged looking after everyone else without ever listening to your own needs or taking any quality time out for yourself.

"This eventually leads to exhaustion of your mind, body, and spirit.

"Mama Burnout is real, but if we can get a happy mom, we can get a happy, more connected and balanced relationship with a partner and the whole family.

"The moms are on the frontline of family life and it is so important to give them the tools they need to thrive and create happy homes full of laughter, fun — and of course yoga!"

In the book, Joanna shares, for the first time, her unique Family Balance Method, which is based on the five elements of traditional Eastern medicine.

She believes the five-step program is the ultimate guide for the modern mama.

She has blended the best of everything she has learned as a counsellor, yoga teacher, and family coach to more than 1,600


Joanna is the force behind Wight Wellness, which is located on the High Street in Seaview and offers yoga classes, conscious family coaching, family retreats, aromatherapy workshops and sound bath meditations.

Pop in to find out more, or find the book at Amazon and in Waterstones.