Salutory tale should make Malcolm think

From Allan Smith, Southsea:

In LAST week’s My View column, Malcolm Mime criticised the requirement to wear face coverings in shops.

He suggested people should question this and not simply comply with the government’s instructions.

On the very same day, just over the water in Portsmouth, The News published a heartfelt appeal from the family of a 35-year-old mother of three who died three weeks after contracting Covid-19.

Read Malcolm Mime's column on mask wearing here.

The grieving husband and children urged people not to become complacent about the threat and to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing so other families do not have to face the same heartbreak.

I hope that the family of Emma Dickinson do not learn of Mr Mime’s remarks, which could only worsen their distress.

With less than impeccable timing, Mr Mime ended by decrying the government’s latest move against the virus “now when it has all but gone …”.

On that same Friday, the government had to rescind the general easing of some restrictions and impose further localised ones due to flare ups of the infection occurring, and now there is concern about a second wave materialising.

I was pleased to note that the County Press distanced itself from Mr Mime’s views.

I have been a more than regular visitor to the Island for over 40 years and regularly seek out the very impressive County Press from my local newsagent.

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