George Chastney from Northwood writes, of all the jobs at County Hall, surely we are crying out for someone who properly ensures traffic is not unduly held up because of 'improvement schemes' .

If there was, the frustrating chaos endured by drivers trying to travel between Cowes and Newport for some hours today (Monday) could have been greatly alleviated.

All the way between the outskirts of Cowes and what was originally known as St Mary's Roundabout was a long line of vehicles, stopping and starting — but mainly stopping.

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Meanwhile the secondary Cowes/Newport route via Pallance Road and Forest Road could not be used instead because of tree lopping in the Rolls Hill area.

To add to the frustration, the Cowes-East Cowes floating bridge was out of action — again!

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Surely someone in the council's ivory tower should ensure that at least one of the key Cowes-Newport road routes is kept open at all times. No-one wants to sit in a stationary vehicle for long periods of time, especially in the current hot weather.

I am just grateful I am retired, and can generally postpone travelling between the two towns. But what about the many people who have gamely embraced 'back to work' efforts during the pandemic?

They surely deserve much more consideration, with some intelligent, joined-up thinking, involving not just the Isle of Wight Council but also Island Roads.

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