The IW Festival, Rhythmtree, Cowes Week, Havenstreet Steam Weekend, the Scooter Rally, Beer and Buses...the Island is already geared up to take large-scale events, catering for families of all ages.

The Diamond Races looks like being an another welcome addition to the varied calendar we already offer for Islanders and tourists alike.

The team behind it is top class. Steve Plater, former Isle of Man TT winner and sports presenter, Gary Thompson, clerk of the course at the Isle of Man for ten years now, Neil Tuxworth, former Honda team manager, with over 60 TT wins behind him, are just a few members.

Diamond Races: What are they and when are they due?

Opportunities are huge for income and promotion of the event, and the Island as a tourist destination, reaching another demographic, that hasn't visited the Island yet.

Another view: Brighstone resident doesn't want the bikes in his village.

ITV4 currently shows Moto GP and Isle of Man highlights, so it would make sense to extend this coverage to the Diamond Races. Discussions I'm sure the team have already had.

Businesses on the Island that rely on tourism have had a horrendous year so far. This is a fantastic opportunity for pubs, hoteliers, campsites and other tourist attractions across the Island to get behind this new initiative, promote themselves and gain new business as a result of the Diamond Races

The event can also help to increase road safety. There are too many incidents on the Island where a car has pulled out on a motorcyclist, with the classic, 'Sorry mate, I didn't see you there comment'.

By making the Island more bike friendly, hopefully, Island car drivers will realise, there are other road users out there too, and will take the time to make that second look down the road for a motorcycle.

This is an opportunity that includes the whole Island, and I'm sure after a few years of successful events, will be one, that Islanders and bikers from across the world will look forward to.

Here's to the first of many Diamond Race events, I can't wait!

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