From Sam Turner, of Sandown:

We have a global pandemic and along comes the pro fixed link brigade to save us all by proposing that travelling by car is safer than travelling by ferry.

Also, I doubt the ferries were initially responsible for bringing the virus to the Island, more perhaps, as widely reported, private yachts from the mainland?

In any event, if we had a fixed link then we would have had the virus over here tenfold.

It’s not about how we travel, it's about how many more people would be here with a fixed link.

So, they get their fixed link, which the vast majority of Islanders do not want by the way — we have been saying no for over 100 years now — and watch the Islandwide increase in crime go through the roof.

Yes, for this is the forecast by Hampshire Constabulary made 20 years ago when the link last had a full feasibility study. That study cost thousands and the negative impact on the Island won the day, as it had done for the many decades prior.

It's subversion all the way — keep rubbing it in (in the CP) 'and they will come round to our way of thinking.'

Not so dissimilar to Brexit — 'let's have more referendums until they get it right.'

Or the Scottish independence referendum — 'let's have another vote until they get it right.'

No means no, but the subversion continues.

If you want the Island to be a dormitory of Portsmouth, enjoy floods of extra traffic jams, our health services and education stretched to the limit, with housing demands wiping out our green spaces, more people catching the virus, oh, and the inevitable increase in crime, go for the link. Otherwise avoid it like the plague.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles. Part of that beauty is because it is an island with its natural barrier, the sea.

Why do people come to live on an Island if they don't like islands or island life?


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