From Bernie Coleman, Cowes:

Apart from seeing a can or similar out in the middle of nowhere, which totally despoils that area/view, the amount of litter in our hedges is shocking.

I’m sure if using a litter-picker, (as mostly unreachable due to brambles and the like) you would collect a lot.

Throwing anything out of your car for example is illegal, smoking motorists of yore would often toss a lit cigarette casually out of the window only for a following cyclist/ motorcyclist to collect it in their collar, or open faced, goggle eye protection in the case of the latter.

I’m afraid putting our litter in the bin doesn’t end there.

I have noticed most bins have considerable recyclable items therein. Do these contents get checked? Or go straight to landfill?

Every litter bin should have recyclable option to avoid this as the Island can ill afford to have any recyclable items going to landfill.

I know as in my previous employ, I've driven a truck to dispose of spoil — it would shock the public to see the vast area of ‘moonscape’ and waste it covers.

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