I write in response to the article (CP, 18-09-20) ‘IW housing targets flawed’.

The government policy of ‘’build, build, build” has resulted in a target of 1,045 houses to be built on the Island per year.

This number is calculated by a one-formula-suits-all algorithm which does not take into account the individual characteristics of the area or the needs of Islanders.

History shows that most of these houses will be three to four-bedroom dwellings being sold at prices which many Islanders simply cannot afford.

Most will be built on greenfield sites because it is the preferred choice of developers.

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Our landscape and quality of life will be changed forever and the very thing that attracts tourists to the Island will be destroyed, leaving many Islanders with little or no income.

All this for what purpose, another box-ticking exercise to enable the government to say that it is solving the housing crisis?

Islanders do not need box-ticking, we need a properly assessed housing policy designed to meet our needs while at the same time protecting our environment.

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Our MP has pledged to fight this inappropriate housing target “ tooth and nail” by claiming exceptional circumstances and the leader of the IW Council has offered his full support.

I urge you, whatever your political persuasion, to do whatever you can to support their campaign.

Some ways in which you can do this include, signing the petition on Bob Seely’s website, writing to your local councillor asking that they support housing figures being reduced, and writing to the IW AONB requesting that the areas of designation be increased.