A brand new CT scanner has made it safely across The Solent, to the Isle of Wight, thanks to the work of specialist teams.

Scroll through pictures (above) of its journey to St Mary's hospital today...

It was transported to East Cowes by barge early this morning (Saturday), after the planned crossing was delayed by yesterday's strong winds and stormy showers.

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After picking its way through Isle of Wight traffic, the unit was winched into place at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport, by Island Cranes, this lunchtime.

Teams from Modus and the Isle of Wight NHS Trust joined forces for the delicate operation.

Isle of Wight County Press: At East Cowes's Venture Quays yard earlier today (Saturday)At East Cowes's Venture Quays yard earlier today (Saturday)

Earlier, Isle of Wight motorists were warned to give the potentially lifesaving kit a wide berth, as it was transported from East Cowes to Newport as a ‘wide load’.

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CT scanners use computers and rotating X-ray machines to create cross-sectional images of the body, giving specialists more detail about medical conditions.

The state of the art equipment is likely to be joined by more new kit - as the hospital works to recover from the Covid-19 shutdown in March.

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Watch: Here's the CT scanner in place at St Mary's Hospital today. Work will now get underway to finish the unit and make it ready for patients.