Fans of Quality Street are now able to get personalised tins of the sweets this Christmas.

The news comes after the brand offered the opportunity for shoppers at a small number of pop-up stores - including some John Lewis branches in previous years - however, this year things are going to be a bit different.

What have Quality Street said?

Senior brand manager for Quality Street, Ellie Dent, said: “We’ve had an overwhelming response to our pop-up stations over the last few years, so we know how much people love to choose the perfect mix of their favourite sweets and personalise their Quality Street tins.

“Until now, you needed to do this by visiting a specific store, but with the launch of the Quality Street website, shoppers in the UK and Ireland can tailor their tins in a matter of clicks, all from the comfort of their own home.”

Even better news for Quality Street lovers - the service will be available all year round on the brand’s website, meaning you can get your hands on a personalised tin for events like birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, Halloween and more.

How to get one

To get your hands on your own personalised tin, you’ll need to head over to the Quality Street website.

From there you should see an option that says “personalise” - click that to get started.

You can choose between personalising your sweets, or just having a mixture of all the sweets available.

If you want to choose your own sweets, you can choose between all the flavours, which are:

  • The purple one
  • Fudge
  • Strawberry delight
  • Orange creme
  • Orange crunch
  • Toffee penny
  • Toffee finger
  • Caramel swirl
  • The green triangle
  • Milk choc block
  • Coconut eclair
  • Caramel brown

You can choose between one and six flavours. Alternatively, if you choose not to personalise your chocolate selection, you’ll get a mix of all 12 flavours.

Once you’ve chosen your sweets, hit the “personalise your tin” option and enter your text to personalise your tin.

There is a maximum of nine characters, and you cannot add symbols, numbers or punctuation.

The Quality Street website states: “Please keep your messages clean, our staff have to review them.”

After you’ve done that, you can add a gift message where you can choose between a range of card styles, such as birthday cards, get well soon cards, Christmas cards and anniversary cards.

Then all that’s left is to check out, and you’re done.

How much do the tins cost?

The tins cost £15.99 each, regardless of whether you choose the chocolate selection or just go for the standard 12 sweet mix.

On top of the £15.99 for the tins, there is also an extra £2.99 to pay for shipping.