DAYS at the beach are among the fondest memories of members of the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook page.

Whether it was a family outing to the beach, or a cheeky stop-off for a cup of tea or an ice-cream on the way to somewhere else, you have been sharing your fantastic pictures.

Scroll through our gallery of pictures above to see more...

We loved Lee Beck's picture of Ventnor Esplanade with the Isle of Wight-shaped paddling pool and former canoe lake looking busy.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Lee Beck misses Ventnor looking like this!

Paul Couelesant asked if other We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight members remembered the pedal cars on what is now Hope Road car park, Shanklin, in the 1950s.

Lots of people commented that they remembered them well and Julie Lawrence said: "I remember there being a large array of different bikes, go-karts and pedal cars. I learnt to ride a two-wheeler there!"

Isle of Wight County Press:

The pedal cars at Shanklin in the 1950s. Photo: Paul Coulesant.

Steve Berden has shared a few pictures of the old swimming and diving rafts which used to be moored off the Isle of Wight's beaches and one of the pictures showed the raft off of Princes Green on Cowes, with the tea hut which used to stand on a concrete apron on the beach in one corner.

Pauline Wildish recognised the tea hut and shared a picture of her stood outside it during a visit to Cowes.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Pauline Wildish, pictured outside the tea hut on the beach by Princes Green, Cowes.

The We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook page is the perfect place to share your favourite memories of the Isle of Wight and you can join in the fun by clicking here!

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