A STUDENT at Cowes Enterprise College has been featured in the latest edition of the Economist Educational Foundation’s Hub Highlights magazine.

Katherine Howard, who is in year 8 at the college, composed a piece of classical music for the publication.

She was inspried by an article she saw in a newspaper.

Written for woodwind and brass instruments, the piece represents a discussion between the political party in power and opposition.

Katherine said: “The clarinet represents the opposition. They start timidly, while the other two instruments — a bassoon to represent the speaker and trumpet as the party in power — are louder.

"Throughout, the trumpet and clarinet repeat a phrase the other instrument has played by slightly differently to show their disagreements.

"Later, the two opponents finally come to a decision, shown by the instruments playing in harmony with each other.”

A representative for The Economist Educational Foundation described Katherine’s work as ‘very articulate’.

You can listen to Katherine’s composition on the Burnet News Club website.