Ryde Arts has asked six Isle of Wight artists to collaborate on work reflecting what life has been like under Covid-19.

They are working in pairs on three projects, documenting their experiences as they go.

Abi Wheeler, Ryde Arts's creative director, said: “We wanted to explore the possibilities of collaboration at a time when people felt personally and professionally isolated from each other.

"We have had the pleasure of working with six inspiring creatives in diverse disciplines, from across the UK.”

Sue Parakseva and Julian Winslow have paired up to create one-off altered ceramics and layered, photographic images.

They have been inspired by the emotions and feelings generated by an old threepenny bit.

Sue Paraskeva said: “The Covid Commissions provided a much needed creative and playful interlude during lockdown.

"It gave Julian and I the chance to combine our practices and we look forward to continuing to work in this way."

Isle of Wight County Press: One of Sue Parakseva and Julian Winslow's one-off piecesOne of Sue Parakseva and Julian Winslow's one-off pieces

Joe Manners and Bella Jackson used visual communication as a tool for political commentary.

They produced a film, Covid Cinema, to capture the trauma, mundanity and introspection central to life in lockdown.

Fern Toynton and Lara Chapman have created work inspired by two fire extinguishers, part of the permanent collection at the Ryde Historic Society.

An exhibition, In Case of Fire, opens in the window of the Elizabeth Pack store, Cross Street, Ryde from December 14 to January 12, 2021.