DANGEROUS asbestos, as well as other rubbish, has been dumped on one of the Island's beauty spots.

Over the weekend, piles of rubbish were found on the byway that goes over St George's Down, between Newport and Arreton.

Visiting the dumpsites, Isle of Wight Councillor for the area (Central Rural) Suzie Ellis, described what she had seen, including a large pile of asbestos.

She said:

"I am shocked and saddened by this and all instances of fly-tipping and littering; there really is no excuse for this behaviour."

Isle of Wight County Press:

The Isle of Wight Council confirmed asbestos had been among the items dumped, but on private land, so it will talk with the landowner and the Environment Agency to ensure it is safely removed.

Other rubbish included children's toys, wood and general household waste.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said the tipping was reported to the authority by numerous people and they were 'very grateful' for the reports.

Isle of Wight County Press:

The council's environmental health team investigated the waste left yesterday (Monday) with the vast majority of rubbish cleared by Amey already.

Some of the items, however, were thrown into difficult to reach places so will take some time to retrieve.

The spokesperson said a strategy to collect the remaining items is being 'worked on to collect those hard to get items.

Reminding residents of their 'duty of care to ensure waste is disposed of correctly', the council spokesperson said waste produced in your home or business is your responsibility, even if you hire a private company to take the waste away.

To avoid being caught out by rogue waste carriers, it is advised you:

  • Check for a waste carriers licence at Waste carriers, brokers and dealers here
  • Ask what will happen to your waste.
  • Complete a waste transfer note and get it signed by the carrier - download one here
  • Keep your receipt and evidence of the transaction, including screenshots from your phone.

The spokesperson said if those steps are followed and your waste is fly-tipped, it will help the council to take enforcement action against the tipper.