A planning barrier to a controversial homeless hostel in Newport could be lifted by Island planners tomorrow.

The Isle of Wight Council's planning committee will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) to determine whether they remove the three-year time limit placed on the Castle Road property.

Planning officers have recommended the time limit imposed with the planning permission be overturned, to allow Two Saints, the providers, the opportunity to get the funding necessary from Homes England.

With the current restriction, funding is not available to buy Castle Lodge B and B and provide the HMO, as Homes England supports long-term projects, with a lifespan of 35 years.

Two Saints has previously said if it does not get the funding, they will have to walk away from the former guest house property and find somewhere else.

Residents of Castle Road, however, have said the time limit acts as a protection for them, as it allows time for the impacts of the property and its use to be assessed, with any problems and concerns properly addressed.

Planning officers said while the funding of the development may not be a material planning consideration, to impose an 'unnecessary planning condition' would not meet the tests needed for imposing such a condition.

Officers said the condition could be seen as 'self-defeating', due to the negative impact it may have on not meeting the local housing needs.

In their report, officers said they appreciate the condition provides a safeguard for the local community but the management plan, other conditions and regulations will deal with the risks and concerns.

If the application is not approved, the previous permission for the change of use, granted in June, will still stand.