MANY MPs are under fire for claiming high levels of hospitality or taking on lucrative second jobs, with the Register of Interests currently under scrutiny.

Over the last year, more than 200 MPs made money on top of their MP salaries of £81,932, doing additional work.

However, Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has no additional work, has accepted no gifts or hospitality in the past year, and has no shareholdings.

He has only two items recorded in the last year — rare among the list of MPs.

He has recorded a property he part owns in North London, and his membership of the Army Reserves.

MPs must list shareholdings, land and property owned, visits outside the UK, gifts, benefits and hospitality, and whether they pay family members to work for them.

In past years, Mr Seely has registered trips abroad, including to Hong Kong, Israel and Bahrain, plus a £5,000 donation from the Isle of Wight Conservative Patrons Club and two £4,000 donations from former Island MP Barry Field.

Among the top earners among MPs with 'second' jobs are Conservatives Sir Geoffrey Cox (£970,000 salary for legal work), Theresa May (more than £685,000 for speaking engagements) and Fiona Brice (£397,333 for legal work).

Mr Seely told the County Press: "First, I don’t support any Parliamentarian who does the wrong thing.

"Second, I do not have a second job, although I am in the Army Reserve. I did four days training in the previous Parliament.

"Representing the Isle of Wight is a labour of love. It is also by far the biggest constituency in Britain population-wise, and as such I have many more issues to deal with, and more casework than the average MP.

"The Island will never be an average constituency therefore I cannot afford to be an average MP.

"Third, I believe MPs should be banned from paid consultancy. It is such an obvious conflict of interest. This applies to all political parties. I am surprised that it had been allowed.

"Fourth, the government should not have defended Owen Patterson and I did not support it. The report into him was fair.

"Fifth, if MPs have second jobs or considerable outside interests, these must be secondary to their roles as MPs.

"My office talks to the parliamentary authorities regularly to make sure my listing is accurate and updated regularly.”

The Register of Interests is different to MPs expenses.

Here's what Mr Seely said about his expenses, back in February