Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox will temporarily step back from council work to 'recharge her batteries'. 

It comes after Cllr Peacey-Wilcox left a meeting last night (Wednesday) after being taken unwell. 

A spokesperson for the Alliance Group today (Thursday) said the thoughts of the group are with the leader who had been working incredibly hard in recent months. 

They said: "At the beginning of our term Cllr Peacey-Wilcox was christened 'The Pocket Rocket' and she has more than lived up to that name.

"However even Rockets occasionally need a break. Lora will be taking a short period away from Council work to recover and recharge her batteries so we ask that members of the press and public respect this."

She will, however, continue to undertake some key pre-existing comments.

Cllr Peacey-Wilcox, who is also the representative for Cowes Medina ward, took to the office in May after individual and grouped councillors came together to form the Alliance. 

Cllr Ian Stephens, a former leader of the authority, was elected her deputy.

The spokesperson went on to say Cllr Peacey-Wilcox attended the meeting to give her address to full council and was keen to highlight the Stand with Midwives Campaign.

A local event is set to take place on Sunday, November 21, at Appley Beach, in Ryde.

Cllr Peacey-Wilcox encourages people to attend and share their support for the essential medical profession. 

The spokesperson said: "In her address Lora highlighted that there is a crisis in this key part of the NHS, that over 60% of Midwives are thinking of leaving the profession and 29 of every 30 newly qualified midwives are in fact leaving.

"We have an excellent Maternity Department on the Island and we need to recognise and support and it and particularly the staff who work there.

"Our difficulties may not be as extreme as those in other areas but one must never be complacent. Hence Lora encouraged as many people as possible to attend the local event to show their support for this essential part of the medical profession."

UPDATE: Cllr Steve Hastings, leader of the Conservative Group, wished Lora well on behalf of the group. 

He added: "Having recently suffered from my own bout of ill health (which is ongoing), I was grateful for the good wishes recently received from the Alliance Cabinet. It is important that we all look after ourselves, ensuring we maintain our own health and wellbeing, whilst also looking out for each other."