IT WAS a dream come true for teenage fans when Take That came to the Isle of Wight to film a music video in 1992.

The boy band had released their debut album and were the hot new thing in the charts.

Their fifth single from the album was I Found Heaven, which reached number 15, and was never one of the band's favourites.

The track's video was filmed at Sandown beach, much to the delight of many of their young fans.

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Manda Carey was a pupil at Sandown High School at the time.

She recalled: "I was 16, riding my bike along the Sandown to Shanklin revetment, when I could see crowds of people as I approached Wight Water.

"I slowed down to discover Take That filming their latest single.

"I stopped to watch them re-shoot a scene. They then broke for lunch.

"Howard then started doing different poses while having his photo taken and called me over to chat with him.

"We chatted generally about how long they were here and where they were staying, which was the Clifftops Hotel.

"He said they would start filming again in an hour if I had a swimming costume and wanted to join in.

"I lived in Adgestone, so I cycled home as quick as I could, changed clothes and got my mum out of work to drop me back down to the beach.

"I joined them for the second half of the day along with other locals and holidaymakers.

"At the end we had a photo together and I walked down the beach with Mark and Howard, with Mark singing and me teasing him.

"Howard then decided to throw me in the sea as payback. Howard was a gent and lent me his blue hoody to go home in.

"The next day they were filming at the former Sandown trampolines.

"They did scenes on the trampolines, on a jet ski, a banana boat and the old bat mobile from Brading Waxworks.

"We hung out chatting between shoots. When we said our goodbyes I stupidly handed back Howard's hoody. He said I could keep it but I didn't.

"A few weeks later they came back down to perform at Colonel Bogey's nightclub.

Isle of Wight County Press: Manda Carey with Take That in 1992, when they filmed a music video in Sandown. Picture courtesy of Manda Carey.

"I watched them from the crowd as they sang and danced, then you could queue up to go in a room and meet them.

"I got near to the front, and when I went in, they were lovely and let me stay in there with them while all the other people came in for photos and autographs.

"I suddenly found myself taking photos for everyone, as there was no such thing as a selfie then.

"If you blink while watching the video you will probably miss me but I had an amazing couple of days of with them."

Isle of Wight County Press: Leigh Willis with Take That in 1992, when they filmed a music video in Sandown. Picture courtesy of Leigh Willis.

Leigh Willis was also at the heart of the action.

She said: "At the age of 13 I was a massive Take That fan from the get go.

"I first saw them perform at an under 18s disco in Tower Park in Poole in the February, before they were famous or had released anything.

"I went backstage to meet them all and chatted for ages, I told them I was from the Isle of Wight and they were asking me loads of questions about it, like was it full of palm trees and sand dunes.

"I remember saying to them that they should come over to do the clubs on the Isle of Wight. I gave them my parents' guest house business card and told them they could stay for free!

"After that I kept seeing them on TV shows like The Disney Club and then they released a couple of songs and It Only Takes a Minute Girl got to number two in the charts.

"I was then lucky to be asked to be in their video and spend the day filming with them at Sandown.

"Gary was very serious and just wanted to get on with it when the others were messing about and having a laugh.

"I still have Mark’s shorts he wore in the video and Howard's black and white love beads that were in fashion at the time.

"It was such an exciting day. Obviously it’s every teenage fan's dream to spend the day filming a music video with their favourite boy band!”

Robbie Williams, set to headline the Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday, also filmed part of the video for The Road to Mandalay on a Wightlink ferry.