My 71-year-old wife recently had a major operation and is since having care for severe anxiety.

I persuaded her to go for a walk on St Helens Duver on a recent Sunday as it was such a lovely afternoon.

Totally out of the blue, two loose dogs (quite big and running at speed) smashed into her from behind and she crashed to the ground.

The owner was quite concerned, my wife unable to get up or walk, we with the help of others managed to get her from The Duver to the roadside.

A neighbour then came in his car and took us home.

My wife was in such pain that I had to take her to St Mary’s Hospital where an x-ray confirmed that her lower left leg was fractured and that she will now have to wear a surgical boot for several weeks.

I have informed the police who were not interested in this accident.

As I said, the owner was concerned, albeit at that time not knowing that a leg had been broken.

She, however, was not in proper close control of her dogs.

If a child had been hit as hard as my wife was, I dread to think what might have happened.

Talking to some of our neighbours, there seems to be a big problem with dogs on The Duver and owners not cleaning up, or keeping their dogs under control and letting them run free all over the place.

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