A SERIES of rescues took place during the Round the Island Race thanks to the Island's lifeboats.

Yarmouth’s Severn class all weather lifeboat, Eric and Susan Hiscock (Wanderer), along with other RNLI and Independent lifeboats from flanking stations in the Western Solent, were involved in supporting four rescues as part of the Round the Island Race.

Yarmouth RNLI’s volunteer crew left Yarmouth Harbour at 9.05am to work with with
lifeboat crews from Lymington RNLI, Freshwater Independent Lifeboat and Mudeford

While heading west out of the Solent in south westerly winds gusting up to 25
knots through Hurst narrows, the lifeboat teams received their first tasking.

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At 10.04am a call for assistance was received from two trimarans that had collided near the Shingles Bank.

Both vessels retired from the race, once on scene with Yarmouth RNLI, Freswater Independent Lifeboat escorted one of the trimarans that had suffered damage to Yarmouth Harbour.

The other casualty was able to sail unaided.

The next call came at 10.18am from a yacht in Alum Bay, where a crew member had sustained a head injury. Yarmouth RNLI put a paramedic on board to assess the casualty, and both the paramedic and the injured crew member were transferred
to Lyminton RNLI lifeboat and taken to Yarmouth Harbour where they were met by a
waiting ambulance.

This released Yarmouth lifeboat to attend a yacht half a mile north of the Needles that had been involved in a collision and was taking on water.

Mudeford RNLI supported with the rescue then escorted the casualty back to Lymington.

At 11.44 am Yarmouth RNLI received their final tasking, a yacht near to Scratchells Bay that had lost its rudder. The vessel was handed over to Freshwater Independent Lifeboat and towed to Lymington.