Copy of a letter to Keith Greenfield, CEO of Wightlink.

Last week, I received the autumn issue of Island Link through my letter box and I have read it with interest and some irritation.

In it, you set out everything you have achieved in the last period including the costs, and all that you aim to achieve in the future.

However, my irritation was sparked by the fact that I missed in your report any response to the complaints of many Island people, including myself, that the last catamaran from Portsmouth Harbour is leaving as early as 8.20pm.

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It cannot have escaped you that many Islanders have written to the County Press about this customer-unfriendly early last departure, which not only leaves many travellers coming back from a holiday abroad stranded, but also people like me who would like to take in some culture either in London or Portsmouth.

When I moved to the Island, some 20 years ago and up until the Covid period, there would be a catamaran that made it possible for Islanders to see a concert in Portsmouth Guildhall and still get back to the Island using the catamaran.

That was fantastic because it meant that we did not have to rely only on the sometimes limited cultural offering on the Island.

Personally, I enjoy going to a matinee in London on a Saturday, getting an early ferry and train out, doing some shopping, seeing an opera and then taking the train and catamaran back home.

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