Roy Hayward, a D-Day veteran living on the Island, has been honoured on Remembrance Sunday with an award from his parish. 

A resident of Seaview, the 96-year-old was the first person to be given the Freedom of Nettlestone and Seaview - the highest honour a parish council can bestow. 

A reserve tank crew, Roy landed in France on the evening of D-Day with the Sherwood Rangers but days later, both of his legs had to be amputated. 

Cllr Harriet Hadfield made the presentation at the Veterans’ Hub in Ryde - of which Roy is a regular visitor. 

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The special commemorative scroll from the parish council reads: 

"We the council, grant you Roy Hayward the highest honour we can bestow in recognition of the extreme bravery you have shown with your wartime service; the courage you have displayed with overcoming the injuries received during that service and the extraordinary generosity of your decades of voluntary service to the community in the years since. We loudly applaud your valuable and sterling service."

Roy said: ‘I was very surprised, I had no foreknowledge of it at all. It means a lot to me,

"I’ve been in Seaview for 50 years, it is a lovely place, I have loved living here. I will last as long as I can in Seaview."

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Cllr Hadfield said: "This is the first time Nettlestone and Seaview has awarded one of its residents the Freedom of the Parish and the special certificate states it is the “highest honour we can bestow.

"Without Roy and countless others like him, we know our country, our Island and our community would be a very different place today. 

"When our friends here in Ryde at The Veterans Hub and from Ryde Town Council asked for our input in recognising his astonishing contribution, we were delighted to step in."

Martin Keightly, chairman, Veterans’ Hub, said: "We had to do something to honour Roy. It’s fantastic, there aren't many like Roy around and you would never know he has issues with his legs. He was very shocked but he absolutely loved it."

Roy also met up with Isle of Wight Council Armed Forces champion Cllr Ian Dore at the Veterans' Hub.