Is it time to embrace the unthinkable?

You know what it’s like, the old hardware no longer supports the latest software, everything is running painfully slowly and grinding to a halt.

Perhaps fitting a faster Liz Truss Kwasi Kwarteng processor is the answer?

Nope, that didn’t work, it simply made things worse whilst costing and absolute fortune.

Do I continue throwing good money after bad, or do I bite the bullet and opt for a hard reset?

Yes I will lose valuable data, but at least I will be up and running again.

UK debt stands at 2.2 trillion, that’s £2,200,000,000,000, and is equal to around £32,000 for every single person in the UK.

So why not simply pay it off, everyone pays £32,000, what could be simpler? What, can’t afford it? borrow the money then……

But hang on, pretty much every country in the world is deeply in debt, so who are we paying? Why not wipe the slate clean globally, and start again with a clean deck of playing cards?

Yes, there will be a few bankers who will be very upset, but these are the people who have become obscenely rich whilst spreading misery throughout society, so why should we care about them?

Besides, they’ve already made enough money. But if we default on paying back our national debt no one will want to know us! Well, post Brexit, no one wants to know us anyway; and if every country follows suit, then we are all in the same boat.

Besides, didn’t we recently wipe the slate clean with third world country debt on the basis they couldn’t afford to pay it back?

Go for it, you know it makes sense. In a few years, possibly months, we’ll find numerous countries desperate to trade with us, not least because our economy is solvent again, whereas at the moment we are seen as a total basket case and economic liability.

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