AN Isle of Wight singer has written a song for the football World Cup.

Liam Hodge is the lead singer of Island bands the Dead Perrys and Weeks as well as a solo artist. 

His song, World Cup for Christmas, was written on a tight budget but he would love to see it go viral!

He said: "It's all a bit of fun and I am not overly ambitious or seeking fame and glory but I wouldn't say no to a Christmas number one or a World Cup for Christmas!"

Watch the video below

It was all thrown together in a week "on a budget of one pint of Guinness for a bit of fun".

He was lent a helping hand by Sid from Grade 2 and Nij from Ska'd for Life, who also play in Weeks.

Also included were some of the regulars from the Falcon public house in Ryde.